Obróbka metali w Dębicy, Ropczycach, Sędziszowie Małopolskim

We possess an extensive and modern machine pool, thanks to which we are able to execute various orders concerning metalworking.

Turning is a metalworking process called machining. A knife installed in a turning machine permits the removal of a specific layer of material, which in consequence permits one to arrive at a solid having a specific shape and dimensions. Thanks to this process, one can work on outer surfaces (turning) and inner surfaces (embossing).

Milling is metalworking by cutting (it is also referred to as loss processing). The cutters – multi-blade tools – execute a turning motion about their own axis, and the processed material is usually removed by a back and forth motion. In this way, milling can be done along all planes, along with grooves, threads, cog wheels, etc. CNC (numerical) control permits high execution precision.

Drilling – cutting a solid material – is also a part our offer. We provide services, among others – related to non-penetrating openings (with the hole not penetrating the entire depth of the material), through drilling (execution of penetrating openings), hole expansion (expansion of hole diameter), and deepening (both internal and external) as well as drilling out.

Threading – the formation of threads on provided material – is done by the use of high-quality precision shape cutters and a modern thread head.

We also offer band saw cutting. The use of our professional saw enables us to execute straight cutting and cutting at angles, among others, in stainless steel, structural steel or aluminium. Usually, this method is used for all kinds of shapes, squares or pipes.

All end products of these metalworking services can be concluded by preparing the materials for painting or zinc coating.